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Outlining the WordPress web design process

What’s good everyone? Summer is here, for the most part, social distancing is relaxed somewhat, and we have some type of normalcy back in our lives. As people start getting back to work, it's become important now more than ever to be online and begin prepping for the new wave. So what better way to begin that wave, then to discuss why your website should be built on WordPress. WordPress is one of the more popular tools to use to build a website or blog for businesses. Our focus for today’s article is to discuss what exactly is WordPress, the difference between and, and how to maintain your site. So continue forth and read on to learn more.

What Is The Difference Between Vs

To start things off, WordPress is a Content Management System Platform meaning you can manage various aspects of your site dynamically by logging into your site and changing things like pages, images, text, etc. How does this play into the differences between and ? Well it plays a huge difference, and you must know why you should use either platform as they serve different purposes. for instance is easier to use and doesn’t afford you the ability to go in and make complex changes to the site. This site is more for people who aren’t necessarily Tech-Savvy, as it doesn’t require any code to use and build your site. on the other hand, allows for full control, you can customize how it looks, works, and many more aspects of the site. It’s your site, and you have full control over what you can do.

Why Is WordPress A Good Platform To Build Your Website?

WordPress is the perfect tool to use to build your site. Over 35% of the internet is built using WordPress with its various plugins and easy to use Content Management System it is easy to upload images, place text, and update your website. You can easily find plugins that make creating websites very easy. You can also find a lot of templates (Templates are pre-built, fully functional websites that you can use, typically they cost money to buy, but you can find free templates). If there is a certain point that you do not feel comfortable creating your website or maintaining it, it is best to work with a developer who has experience using WordPress.

Maintaining Your WordPress Website?

Similar to what was discussed above in the previous paragraph, it is very easy to maintain your WordPress website. Through their CMS (Content Management System), you can easily update plugins or install new plugins, most have free versions and paid versions, you can add images and text to your site, create new pages for your site, and many more. All of this can be done without having to deal with any code whatsoever.

Hosting/Domain Options

One idea to consider when creating your WordPress website is a hosting/domain option that is compatible with the needs of your website. A lot of hosting platforms out there such DreamHost, GoDaddy, and many more offer the option of a One-Click install, where they handle the creation of the database and the WordPress platform for you. Meaning that you can install WordPress directly from the hosting itself rather than having to do a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which is a whole different topic.

So, to finish things off, WordPress is a very robust and popular platform to use for creating websites, quickly, easily, with a lot of functionality. Is the platform easy to use, well it depends on how savvy you are and how comfortable you feel creating websites. If you do ever run into any trouble always know that you can find people with expertise in developing WordPress websites. Reach out to us at or call 267-627-0382 to learn about how a website can help your business grow online or if you already have a website, improvements that can be made to grow your website even more.