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The keyword, to marketing or anything in life for a matter of fact, is consistency. Think about it for a second, if businesses were not consistent would you know that they existed? Think about the commercials or even something such as music on the radio. We all hear the same five songs on the radio just joking, I'm sure it's more than that. But the point is, is that they are consistent with their messaging and approach, and what that leads to is recognization from your consumers. For any business starting, but also even businesses who have been around, it can be a little tough to build consistency in your brand. When you are just starting, you don't necessarily know who you are yet. So, you try a couple of different ways of marketing yourself to see what you like and what sticks. But when you're marketing your brand, it's important to have a consistent message to build that recognition. Now let's jump into the advantages of having regularity.

Consistency Through Visual And Wording -

It's important to have consistent marketing, but how do you accomplish it? One of the first things you must do is understanding your overall purpose, the message you want people to know. So, you need to understand what keywords describe who your brand is, and how you can depict that using words. Then you want to portray those words in a visual manner, where there are situations where the consumer does not even see your logo/name but know from the first moment that it's your company. This will go a long way in getting your brand out there.

Branding and digital marketing identity

Competition -

Having a recognizable brand allows you to stand out from the competition. Customers will easily see your brand and distinguish it from similar brands out there. This can be key to a customer working with you or someone else, along with the quality of your service/product offerings. In a world where more and more businesses are being started, you must distinguish your brand. Simply putting consistent marketing displays your professionalism. Think about it, you'll gain way more credibility points if you repeat the same awesome message (it changes over time) versus a business that is all over the place.

Visual consistency and identity

Brand Awareness -

Brand recognition goes across all channels. Whether it's social media, your website, customer service, podcast, whatever the case may be. You want all your visual and marketing material to be uniform to ensure trust with your consumers. To close there are only a few takeaways, understand your purpose and how you can properly message it visually, consistency leads to recognition, and it leads to standing out above the crowd.