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A narrow path that leads to producing high value for your audience.

First, let’s start with a How is everyone doing during this quarantine? At times I find myself always wanting to be productive. When I’m sitting down whether it be watching tv or just staring outside, I’m always thinking to myself, I could be so much more productive during this time. You question and judge yourself, calling yourself a failure, always telling yourself you can be doing something. But I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to relax and take an hour or daybreak to recuperate. So, with that said let’s hop into the topic for today’s article. The question we always get from clients is how to create good social media content or I don’t know how to create engaging social media content or how do we even create posts in the first place. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Creating content, while not the easiest thing, because ultimately your audience decides what’s valuable to them or not, can be conquered.

Determine What Content You Have In Your Disposal

Now for the first thing, you must do to create the most engaging content on social media. Determine what content you have at your disposal and the type of content. Think through all the videos, images, and other types of information you have and how might that look. Can you provide, how to’s, tips, industry insights, funny images or videos, etc? Also, you may want to consider trending topics, you want this to be part of your overall social media strategy. Literally write out a full list of ideas and content that you may have, place them into one location so that it is easier to find. Understand which content will provide the most value and why, which we will discuss later on. If you have content that has already been posted, look and see how you can repurpose that information, meaning how can you take that same information and say something different or add on to that information.

Always Produce Value

Ok, you have figured out what content is most engaging. This is where things get a little tricky. Now you have to take that knowledge and produce the highest value possible. Doing so will allow you to stand out and attain the highest response. How do you provide the most value? Well, there are a few rules to follow and you do so through your words or description, images, videos, and hashtags. Also do not forget those keywords. You need to ensure you are using words that your audience understands. You never want your followers to have to get a dictionary or be sitting there for minutes trying to figure out what you are talking about. Be sure to create images and videos that fit first YOUR BRAND, the post itself, meaning it relates to the message of the post and ultimately is engaging. It has to grab their attention! Lastly, hashtags more important on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, has to be relevant to the post. For example, if you are posting about fruits that produce the most Vitamin C, don’t have a hashtag that talks about or relates to sports. In terms of strategies regarding hashtags, one strategy is effective for Instagram which allows you to include 30 hashtags on each post. The important thing is to use all 30 when it is necessary to do so. Certain posts you may not want to use 30 which is fine. Let’s jump in, use 10 hashtags with over a million posts, use 10 hashtags with thousands to hundreds of thousands of posts, and lastly use 10 hashtags with hundreds to a thousand posts. Implementing this will allow your post to have a better chance of getting noticed by people searching for content using hashtags.

Create A Content Calendar

Finally, we have arrived at the final part of this journey. We know you like short and sweet articles. Who doesn’t? Now it is time to take all of this information and put it into a content calendar. What is a content calendar you ask? We knew you wanted to ask that question it's ok. Simply put, a content calendar allows you to create content ahead of time in an organized fashion so that you are not running around looking for content at the last minute. Here is an article from Hubspot that offers some free content calendar templates. With a calendar, you can plan content out weeks or months in advance having a place for topics, holiday post, hashtags you frequently use, along with the day, time, and content you’ll post so that you can just simply copy and paste your post to social media or use an automated posting software like buffer or Hootsuite.

It’s a wrap folks, you know now how to develop some awesome content and provide the most value to your audience. As always, you need to keep track of what’s working and not working to improve your online presence. Be sure to look at each post and understand why it worked or didn’t work. If you do so, you will only get better and see results over time. So, keep posting that great valuable content! If you have any questions please call 267-627-0382 or email Be safe everyone and we’ll all get through this together!