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Welcoming your customers.

Why Developing Content For Your Target Audience Is Important

Spring is right around the corner everyone, soon it’ll be nice out everyone will be outside enjoying themselves, eating ice cream, water ice, etc. As a business owner or entrepreneur you always need to be ready and prepared. You need to message and position yourself, so that your ideal customer can see how your ice […]

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Creating & Maintaining A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social, Social, Social! That’s all we hear in today’s world. It’s actually pretty funny because now and days when you first meet someone at a networking event, especially if they are a millennial, what’s the first thing they say after you introduce yourself? Well, if you guessed right, it was something along the lines of […]

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Why remaining consistent with your marketing material is important and how to do so.

The keyword, to marketing or anything in life for a matter of fact, is consistency. Think about it for a second, if businesses were not consistent would you know that they existed? Think about the commercials or even something such as music on the radio. We all hear the same five songs on the radio […]